Accompanying Distress Migrants

Helpline for Distress Migrants

Ministry Among the Migrants: A Way Forward....

Partners meeting on information gathering, knowing about ministry among the migrants and finding possibilities of cooperation, collaboration and network.

Selvin SJ, Director of CITRA Province Social Action Centre in Secunderabad and Sr. Kumari the secretary of TCBC Labour and Migrants Forum had jointly organized a meeting on 4 th February 2021 at
Satyodayam, Secunderabad for partners involved in migrant ministry.

Fr. Eugene Pereira, Secretary, CBCI Office of Labour (resource person) said, the Pandemic has exposed the plight of the Migrants both internal as well as Overseas. The Labour Office CBCI has taken up the
issue with the External Affairs Minister Jaishankar through Shashi Tharoor M.P. Constantly contacted Min.V. Muraleedharan, Min Giriraj Sigh.

According to ILO there are over 350 million interstate migrants in the country and over 30 million overseas migrants. It is estimated that there are 1.5 million Migrants from Telangana, mostly engaged in
construction and informal sector. 1.6 million Migrants from Andhra mostly women especially Domestic Workers. The condition of the returned migrants is deplorable since they are returning to their work
places in huge numbers.

In the ‘Interstate migrant workmen regulation and conditions of service act 1979’ the labour laws were subsumed with the assurance that there will be universal social security and other rights of workers
protected, however, there is no clear indication of social security, health and welfare to the migrants. The participants expressed their passion to work for the migrants. Many interventions such as relief,
webinars, retreat, campaigns, research, events etc have already taken place.

Dr Siji Chacko, SJ director, Jesuit Conference of India/South Asia-Conference Development Office (JCSA-CDO) shared that the Jesuits of South Asia along with partners and collaborators would be working
closely with the states by developing a replicable and sustainable model of accompanying, serving and advocating their causes by setting up MAIN-Migrant Assistance and Information Network.